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Give Blood and Platelets!

I had no idea how crucial blood and platelets are in the fight against cancer. Many young cancer warriors have had too many transfusions to count. We literally cannot fight this beast without your help!

Read more about Jane's most recent transfusion here.

Bloodworks Northwest
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Register with Be The Match

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If you are 18-44, you can register with our national bone marrow registry, Be The Match. Children and adults  fighting cancer may need a bone marrow or stem cell transplant as part of their treatment. It's free and easy to register. Simply register at and they'll send you a cheek swab kit and a postage paid return envelope. If you are a match for someone in need, donating is much more simply than most people think. In most cases, similar to donating platelets.

Support Research


The truth is, no pharmaceutical company is going to cure childhood cancer. In that world, it's a numbers game. The number of children versus adults affected by cancer is small. Yet 100,000 children die of cancer annually. And you know what's most frustrating?  Many believe the science and technology exists to change this! But the funding does not. Who better to put our hope and investment in? Who better to save? And who's going to do this? We are. Private donors and hard working, brilliant doctors, researchers and staff. Heartbroken and grieving parents who are driven to prevent this same fate for other families.



Kick Childhood Cancer is a member of the Seattle Children's Guild Association, founded to accelerate immunotherapy research for childhood cancer.  Scarves Fighting Cancer is one of our initiatives to fund this vital research.  You can donate directly to Seattle Children's to help our mission below.

"We have the science. We have the track record. All we lack are the funds to bring this treatment to more young patients."

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