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watters glassybaby Stefan Frei
Scarves Fighting Cancer was thrilled to team up with Seattle favorite, glassybaby this year to offer the limited-edition watters glassybaby designed by Stefan Frei.

We appreciate glassybaby's commitment to philanthropy. $3 from the sale of each glassybaby is donated to the 
glassybaby foundation to provide hope and healing. Since 2001, glassybaby has contributed over $12,000,000 to organizations worldwide.


All 240 watters glassybaby sold out in nearly 90 minutes. Though the item is no longer available, the story behind this special votive deserves to be shared.​


A message from Stefan Frei


"Sounders rightly celebrate Seattle’s 'Eternal Blue.' I am constantly inspired by the blues of our waterways; from our rivers and lakes, to Lake Washington to Puget Sound to the Pacific Ocean herself. Life giving, powerful beauty. This reverence guided my collaboration with glassybaby. My vision was to capture the blues I see on my commute from the island to evoke the calming, hopeful and ethereal aspects of our waters in a way only glassybaby can.

As an artist myself, it was thrilling to watch such uniquely skilled artists at work. The glass blowers at glassybaby spend many years honing their skills. Each votive is hand-crafted by four different artists, each specializing in a different phase of production. It’s truly a collaborative effort and I was honored to be included in the design phase. They took my vision and brought it to life, creating this limited-edition glassbaby we titled ‘watters.’ 

Why the extra ’t’? 

Stef and Lucy2.JPG
Lucy and Stef

It's for Lucy.  Lucy Watters was 4 years old the first time I met her at Starfire. She had just been diagnosed with leukemia. I had the honor of visiting Lucy at Seattle Children’s at Christmastime, 2019. I got to help her make a gingerbread house. I gave her a scarf which she promptly announced she’d give to her soccer-loving brother, Max. At that time, Lucy had been battling cancer for almost 4 years. Lucy passed away last Spring. She was 8 years old. It is so unfair. In the brief times I met her, her smile and spirit left a lasting impression and I won't forget her. So that extra ’t’ is for Lucy. It’s a reminder that there is still much work to be done. It’s a reminder that this is a fundraiser for vital immunotherapy research for childhood cancer at Seattle Children’s. There is shockingly little funding for pediatric cancer research, which makes fundraisers like this so essential. I hope when you light a candle in your watters glassybaby, you feel some of the hope that I do." 



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